The Store of Wonder is the way I’ve decided to reconcile two of my very closely held beliefs.

First, I don’t like blog advertisements. They cheapen the content and the visual of the posts. This isn’t to say I won’t put ads on my posts, but when I do I will limit them to a single banner or a link to a site to purchase something directly relevant to the content of the post.

Second, I love money, and all the wonderful things it can buy. I mean, really, I love it so god damn much it hurts sometimes.

In order to balance these beliefs, I created this page. Here you will find links to purchase books, movies and other items directly referenced in my blog posts. If you want to enjoy some of the things that inspired me to write about them, go ahead and click the link and feel good in your heart that your actions will contribute to increasing my personal wealth.

You’re welcome.

Read the Book

The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz and its sequels is a great, often underapreciated, series of fantasy novels. These stories have been made even more appealing to young readers with theĀ Skottie Young and Eric Shanower graphic novel adaptions. The adaptations are near perfect and the artwork is vibrant, rilliant and, without changing a word of the story, gives a new vibrant and modern fantasy image to the world of Oz.

L. Frank Baum’s Books

The Graphic Novels

Go Dog Go

I don’t think I could ever fully explain how much I hate this book. So…go ahead and buy nine copies. Yup, I’ve got this salesman thing down cold.

Greek Mythology

A great handbook to the Greek gods, monsters and myths. Whoever had the stupid idea to stop worshipping these guys and focus on a single far less interesting diete really needs to get whats coming to him. Oh wait, I remember that guy, and he totally did in the end. Balance restored.

The Poems of Robert Frost

Keep this around the house to seem smart and intellectual. You don’t even need to read it for the investment to begin paying off dividends.

Frozen: The Secret Admirer

Get this book if the only thing you hate more than yourself is your tenuous grip on sanity.

Animal Farm

A look into a political climate that is starting to feel a lot less miserable than our own.


Revival by Stephen King

One of Kings best books in many years. Great mix of cosmic horror and real life horror.

Watch the Movie

The Princess and the Frog

I don’t understand why I reference this movie as much as I do. I do love the Shadow Man though.


I have two young daughters. Like all fathers with two young daughter I know everyline of dialogue, every lyric to every song and I’m pretty sure I can mimic the entire “Let it Go” dance sequence in my sleep. If your kids havent seen it yet don’t start them down that path. For the love of god don’t watch the movie listed below. Or do, because, you know, I get money.

Jurassic Park III

I love this movie. It has so little substance as far as plot, story and general logic that its always in danger of floating away into the stratosphere. However, it also has distilled the Jurassic Park series into its best parts: Dinosaurs; Dinosaurs eating people; Dinosaurs fighting other dinosaurs. My favorite in the series behind the original.

Batman the Animated Series

God I love this show. Beautiful film noir/art deco art design. Great music. Great plots with great villains. Great stories. Its just so…something. Here are the episodes I mentioned in my blog post.

All Dogs go to Heaven

I’ve never actually seen this movie. You should buy it and write me a summary. Probably won’t get around to reading it though…I am a busy man after all.

Con Air

The only movie ever to have a child killing maniac get away without an consequences and even close the film out with a light hearted joke.

Play the Game

Dungeons and Dragons

I might be failing to teach my children how to enjoy role playing games, but they still love looking at the monster manuals.


Have sex with Play with these Toys


This is in reference to my raped in the mouth post. If you use this regularly you’ll never need to go to the Dentist again. Only you can determine which is the lesser of two evils.

Lego Friends

The Lego Friends set mentioned in my post. It still pisses me off even after all that time.



Miniature First Aid Kit

So you don’t have to use office supplies to perform minor surgery.

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