Midnight Bus Ride: A Dance with Betrayal and Vomit

By: Jacob Lewis

I was working late last night preparing a case for trial. Afterwards, I was still able to hop on the late bus so I could get home, smash some food down my throat, enjoy about four hours of sleep, and allow myself a good 15 minute cry on the edge of my bed before I got my suit on and started another wonderful day. I was about 15 minutes away from home when I heard the unmistakable waterfall sound of someone puking. Based on the smell, I assumed he was firing out a combination of swiss cheese, peanut butter cups and all the alcohol ever. I immediately moved to the front of the bus where the driver was having a hard time with the smell. There were so many tears.

The driver stopped briefly on Aurora Ave to rage punt the offender off the bus before yelling at the metro dispatcher that she “needed a cleaning crew or a new bus right now” or she was going to be sick. In between her demands she mumbled that she “wasn’t sure how much longer she was going to be able to drive.”

This concerned me. I wanted to get out of this vomit infested cell,  but not as much as I wanted to get home . Through the driver’s own sheer force of will she was able to make it to my stop and I got off the bus as quick as my little legs could carry me. However, before she closed the door, I turned to her and said “I’m sorry about this, some people just seem to exist to ruin other people’s day. You really shouldn’t have to work in these conditions.” She agreed with me and told everyone left on the bus she was stopping and they were going to need to wait for a new bus. About 12 people got off the bus, at midnight, far away from their destination.

I’m not sure if my comment to the driver makes me a bad person because: I didn’t care about my fellow passengers now that I was at my stop (in a way, I existed to ruin their day); I didn’t care about the bus driver’s happiness until it was not going to inconvenience me; or all of the above reasons, which effectively cancel each other out, thereby making me a good person.

I think good person.

No…best person.


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