Times When the Best Laid Plans of White Supremacists Went Hilariously Awry

By: Jacob Lewis

Let’s start this piece off with a controversial declaratory statement. White Supremacists are people too.

Yes, horrible, hate filled people, but still, technically people in the biological sense. And, like most people, once you peel back the layers of, in this case, hate…and more hate…and yet more hate, you find a person who …wait, sorry there were still a couple more layers of hate on there, here we go, last one…you find a person who just wants to reach for the stars. But, like all men with a plan and a dream, they often fly a little too close to the sun and, like some sort of Icarus/Messerschmidt hybrid, fall crashing back to the earth.

With that, the following are a few examples where White Supremacists, from the highest leader of a national organization to your average every day Nazi on the street, had their plans go horribly awry. Don’t have any tissues with you? Yeah, you aren’t going to need tissues.


The Best Laid Plan:

Our first tale opens up in 1956 in Robeson County North Carolina. The county had a very diverse population, including a large population of individuals hailing from different Native American tribes. In 1956 these groups were able to receive limited federal recognition under the label of the “Lumbee” tribe.

This fact did not sit well with James W. “Catfish” Cole. It should be easy to tell what Cole did in his free time, because with a name like “Catfish” you are either going to be a world renowned Jazz musician or a racist bag’o-dicks. I can’t speak to Cole’s musical talents, but at the time he was definitely the leader of the South Carolina based Knights of the Klu Klux Klan.

The reason for Cole’s concern was that, unlike the blind fools that surrounded him, he could see what the federal recognition of the Lumbee Tribe was really all about…African Americans… disguising themselves as Native Americans…as a first step to eventually disguising themselves as Whites.

Of course! The plan’s brilliance is in its simplicity!

As such, Cole and his Klan declared war on the Lumbee tribe. In case you don’t remember, the mid 1950s was when a little thing called the Civil Rights movement was getting fired up, and, from the Klan’s perspective, there were probably other areas where they believed resources should be directed. Even local supporters of the Klan would question Cole opinion on the federal recognition. However, since there was no central leadership of the Klan at that time, he decided to maneuver his own organization’s resources to play a game of “Racist Rednecks and Indians” with the population of Robeson County in order stop the perceived pod-peopling of the white race.

Cole started his public campaign of fear and harassment in late 1957. He mostly targeted Lumbee tribe members who had engaged in interracial relationships or had settled in predominantly white areas.  In Cole’s own words, “there’s about 30,000 half-breeds up in Robeson County and we are going to have some cross burnings and scare them up.” The Klan made good on its promise and using its normal harassment tactics a aforementioned cross burnings. In early 1958, Cole declared victory over the Lumbee tribe, believing he had beaten them into submission, and publically announced that he would be hosting a huge Klan rally on January 18, 1958 to celebrate and support their work in the area.

And then thing went horribly awry:

On the night of the rally, Cole, his wife and approximately 100 Klansmen arrived at the donated Haye’s Pond and farmland to begin setting up the festivities. This included setting up banners, displaying a plethora of Klan memorabilia and erecting multiple crosses ready to be lit at key points during the festivities. They also set up a single electronic light to help them while they worked into the evening.

While the Klan went about their party preparations, a key discrepancy with Cole’s statement of overwhelming victory and the reality in which we all live started to become clear. The Lumbee tribe were not so much cowering in fear of the Klan as they were royally pissed off without a means to get all of their enemies in one location at once. As such, Cole really should have fact checked his, “Lumbee tribe defeated” proclomation before making his very public statement about which exact remote location everyone could find him and his friends at that night.

As darkness fell, over 500 armed Lumbee men descended on Cole’s Hate Coachella. Their first move was to shoot out the Klan’s only source of light, which drove the group into chaos. While brief skirmishes broke out between the two groups, the Klan members were clearly outnumbered, and eventually fled the area in a panic. Cole himself fled the scene by running through a nearby swamp, heroically leaving his wife behind to deal with the invaders.

Once the Klan members had either fled or been cornered and subdued, the REAL party began. The Lumbee tore down the banners, posed for pictures holding up KKK memorabilia, and then just started a bon fire and threw everything they could find into it. Local police arrived shortly thereafter and dispersed the party with tear gas. However, the incident reached national attention and Life magazine later published the below photo showing several Lumbee WW II veterans wrapped in the Klan’s banner.

This is a picture of two great men that are clearly self ware that, without the benefit of hindsite, what they just did was pretty fucking hilarious.

Cole attempted to salvage the situation in the following days by declaring that his party had been broken up by a group of “lawless mongrels.” However, by that time, North Carolina had grown pretty sick and tired of the Klan’s nonsense and the State Governor, Luther H. Hodges, formally denounced the Klan in a press statement. In the end, Cole was prosecuted, convicted, and served a two-year sentence for inciting a riot.

And the Lumbee tribe? They still celebrate the anniversary of the battle of “Battle of Hayes Pond,” as a local holiday.


The Best Laid Plan:

In 1992, Charlie Sargent and a few other delightful examples of the human species, formed the United Kingdom based hate group, Combat 18. Its initial purpose was to provide security for the British National Party, a mainstream far right organization (picture our current Alt-Right movement if they were all voiced by Hugh Grant) whose campaign events and rallies were often the subject of skirmishes between supporters and protestors.  However, the BNP was content to remain a mainstream (even if on the fringe of it) political organization and Sargent grew tired of their focus on elections, laws and not smashing in heads with tire irons. He eventually ended his affiliation with them and Combat 18 became it owns separate organization.

But wait, you ask, don’t move on yet, what does the 18 mean? Well, I don’t want to ruin the surprise, so here’s a little hint. “Irish Lips 36” is the name of my Colin Farrell fan club. See if you can figure it out.

Now, the Proud Boys…wait, I mean Combat 18…shit how did that slip happen? Oh wait, this is how, New Alt-Right “Fight Club” Ready for Street Violence  and Meet the New Military Division of White Nationalism.

Anyway, political interlude aside, when Combat 18 separated from the BNP, they  began a campaign of violence and harassment against minorities, their supporters in the press and politics and any rival Right Wing group that came on to their radar. Even the BNP was not immune to Sargent’s attacks, as he viewed them as watered down versions of what true Right Wing crusaders should be.

It soon became clear that Sargent wasn’t keen to just run a prominent alliance of hooligans, skinheads and neo Nazis, he wanted to build an organization that would eventually supplant the BNP as the most prominent group on the far right. Once he achieved this goal he would plan to use his influence to create a centers of white power, that when the time came, could be used to strike out against their enemies. While Sargent may not have had the diplomacy skills to achieve these goals, his ability to incorporate UK extreme far right groups (e.g. Neo Nazi extremists, Skinheads and Football Hooligans) and effectively use fear tactics against his enemies made it so the possibility of him achieving them were at the very least more likely than anyone would have liked to think.

And then thing went horribly awry:

Sargent was definitely all about “the hate.” However, he wasn’t just a giant slab of hate meat, he had other facets and interests: Hate stamp collecting, hate horticulture, hate crafting. Also, the hate music, he was definitely all about  “the music.”

Sargent was responsible for founding ISD records, the first Neo-Nazi record label in the UK. Sure, the label wasn’t “legal” per se, but it was successful due to Sargent spending a large amount of time promoting his white-power bands at secret gigs, and selling their CDs and merchandise throughout the world. He was also able to eliminate any competition from the bands that refused to join the label through his go to diplomatic solutions of harassment and, well, beatings. Under the ISD label, Sargent helped produce and distribute 30 albums and generated almost 200,000 pounds of revenue (equal to a different amount in US Dollars I’m sure, but I’m not looking it up. This article is about White Supremacy groups, not math). This was a pretty good profit considering that being a violent racist douche bag hasn’t been one of the most marketable professions  in modern times (insert your own hilarious comment about current state of this country and its leadership).  But, do what you love and the rest will follow I guess.

Sargent’s control and focus on this label lead other people in his group to believe that he was no longer all about “the hate” and may now be, gasp, only “mostly about the hate.” Combat 18 members began accusing him of being a government agent. They accused him of stealing money from the label, which was supposed to fund the organization. However, Sargent refused to step down from the ISD and Combat 18 began dividing into bickering factions.

After months of in fighting the parties began to negotiate a compromise. Christopher Castle, a neutral party between the factions, acted as the “go-between” Sargent and the rest of Combat 18. First order of business: Sargent agreed to provide Castle with important Combat 18 Membership lists in exchange for 1,000 pounds (What is that? 50 cents. Half a Million? Again, math, so you can go figure it out) and the return of his plastering tools (Ah, the age old trope of lending someone your power tools, not getting them back and then having them used against you as leverage in a Neo Nazi power struggle).

Castle arrived at Sargent’s mobile home and was immediately attacked by Sargent and one of his associates. Castle was stabbed with a 20cm kitchen knife, among other pointy instruments of stabiness. Castle died on the way to the hospital. Sargent believed that this had sent a clear message to the rest of the group, “Don’t mess with my record label or my power tools.”

However, Sargent’s warning to the other factions didn’t have the effect that he wanted. Various Combat 18 members cooperated with law enforcement and Sargent and his associate were arrested, charged and sentenced to life in prison. Afterwards, a civil war broke out between the once strong and united Combat 18, thereby permanently preventing them from being a major player in the UK’s far right scene.


The Best Laid Plan:

Not all White Supremacist plans are grandiose and involve the eventual domination and extermination of other races. Sometimes, they make plans that are a little more down to earth and personal. Plans to go to a racist picnic, take your best girl to a racist movie or plans to spend a night out and enjoy a nice racist musical act. Really, how can you be ready to hate everyone if you can’t spend a little time to love yourself?

In 2014, an unnamed White Supremacist and music fan decided to treat himself to a Saint Patrick’s day concert in  New York. It’s unclear, for reasons you will soon see, if he knew very much about the particular band he was seeing, however it’s very likely that he at least knew their popular skinhead related song. When he arrived at the venue he was met by a large crowd who was fired up and ready to rock. The band came out and the crowd rushed the sage. Caught up in the wave, the fan suddenly found himself on stage, right next to the band. Then, as if on cue, the band started playing a likely familiar song, “Skinhead on the MBTA.”

Wow, he must have thought, they’re playing my jam. Lost in the music he began doing the only dance move he knew, the Heil Hitler salute, in tune with the music towards both the band and the crowed. In that moment, as the music overtook him, he must have thought, this was a perfect experience that he will never forget.

And then thing went horribly awry:

Turns out, he was very much correct. Many of you may know that the song “Skinhead on the MBTA” is sung by the band the Dropkick Murphys, who you may at the very least remember from their track, “Heading up to Boston” from the “The Departed” soundtrack, or alternatively, from that one episode of the Sopranos where Tony played the Departed soundtrack in his car. What you may also know, or at least have a sneaking suspicion by now, is that the Dropkick Murphys is NOT a Neo Nazi band. While they do reference Skinheads, they refer to the aspect of the subculture that relates to working class people and early punk, rather than the “Boooo Blacks and Jews! Booooo!” aspect.

If no one had noticed the fan’s dance move (which I will now only refer to as “the electric Hitler”) it would simply have been chalked up to a rookie mistake for a young White Supremacist. He probably would have felt right foolish as soon as he learned about his blunder. Except, someone did notice, and that someone was the Dropkick Murphys’ Bassist Ken Casey. At seeing the fan’s expression of bigotry and intolerance, Ken Casey took a deep breath, counted to ten….and then ran right over to him, smashed him in the face, took off his bass, hit him with it and then tackled him.

Once the chaos died down, Ken Casey strapped his bass back on, walked up to the microphone and shouted, “Nazis are not fucking welcome at a Dropkick Murphys show.” While every moment of this altercation was caught on video, what happened to the fan afterwards has been lost to time. I imagine that he returned home to write an angry letter to the venue and suggest that any such “No Nazi” disclaimers be made more apparent to ticket buyers in the future.

Don’t you wish you could have seen that? Well, don’t say I never gave you nothing.


The Best Laid Plan:

It ain’t easy being the Klan these days. Its current iterations lack even a modicum of the public support they received in the 1950s and 60s, or the financial resources and political power that had in the 1920s. In fact, the reason that all the Klans have different flowery names (White Knights of the KKK, American Knights of the KKK .etc) is that the central Klan organization was permanently destroyed by the IRS in the 1940s, making all other Klans non-centralized groups of unaffiliated offshoots. Moreover, the younger cooler racist crowd would rather dress up in some new spangled punk outfit or a nice SS inspired uniform than walk around looking like a Scooby Doo villain.

Despite the Klans going out of style, the various factions know that if they don’t keep on getting new recruits they’re organizations will eventually wither and die.  In keeping with this “Klan Do” attitude, William Spears, Imperial Caltrop of the Loyal White Knights of the Klu Klux Klan, decided to target New Lenox, Illinois for a large recruiting drive. During the drive they went to houses and distributed flyers and Klan literature. They also started to offer and run a neighborhood watch in order to show that the Klan had an interest in protecting the town’s citizens. While they were met with almost universal ridicule and resentment, all the Loyal White Knights heard was the “almost” qualifier and declared the recruiting effort a “great success.”

And then thing went horribly awry:

Imagine the surprise of the Loyal White Knights when they checked in with New Lenox a few months afterwards and found that they were again ridiculing the efforts of the Klan to recruit in their town. The surprise being, they weren’t the ones being ridiculed. This was some other Klan.

The interloping Klan was the Traditionalist American Knights of the Klu Klux Klan, run by the Imperial Wizard Frank Ancona. Ancona, was not well liked in other Klan circles, due to his comparatively more peaceful (i.e. maybe we shouldn’t kill everyone) attitudes towards hating everyone different from you.

During his membership drive in New Lenox, when Ancona was asked by local reporters and citizens (who were likely just ecstatic about the shift in their property values caused by a constant Klan presence), why he was having his Klan canvass the town again, he told them that the Loyal White Knights were nothing but a copy-cat group who didn’t follow the true teachings of the Klan. He added that the White Knights make it so you have to “hate everybody” and that “they’ll march with Nazis.” Ancona further championed his more modern and youth centric Klan. However, it was not reported whether Ancona, after making that last statement, put his hood on backwards, did a hip hop arms cross move and then sat backwards on a chair in order to connect with ….you know, never mind, I think I can answer this one myself.

At this throw down, the Loyal White Knights dusted off the Klan’s classic never fail chestnut response to these types of comments. That’s right, he called Alcona the J-word. Specifically, the Loyal White Knights said,

“Frank Ancona is Jewish and his wife is Jewish and he’s being exposed all through the Klan world as a fake and he ain’t even white and you can actually look his family tree up which we’ve got his family tree which we can give y’all too and you can post it.”

When asked for any sort of facts to back up this statement, he responded,

“It says that Ancona is a nonwhite name, it’s a traditional Jewish name, Italian, and his wife, the Klan is supposed to be a Christian organization and his wife actually practices the Wiccan religion, which is basically devil worshipping to me where you’re worshipping any God besides God himself,” Jones said. “I just thought I’d let y’all know that.”

Alcona responded to this slam by insisting that, “If I was a Jew, I’d admit it.” Say what you will about Alcona, but I think any Jewish person who found themselves suddenly the leader of a large racist and anti-Semitic hate group would also rather be honest than continue to live the lie. If you can’t be honest with your friends, who can you be honest with, right?  I will also point out he did not deny his wife practicing devil worshipping. Not sure what to make of that, other than when he hears someone say, “you’re a Jew and your wife worships the devil” his go to response is, “What, I’m not Jewish.”

After this, Alcona went on to repeatedly refer to Jones’ Klan in New Lenox as a bunch of “drunks and druggies” and that some in that outfit had been kicked out of his organization for substance abuse and other criminal activity. He also reminded them that his group commanded approximately 5,000 Klan members nationwide (Fun Klan Fact, the Southern Poverty Law Center estimates that the combined membership of all Klu Klux Klan organizations is no more than 4,000 members).

The two Klans continued to exchange insults until they had both destroyed whatever credibility they had managed to obtain in the New Lenox area (the main article in the local New Lenox newspaper on this issue is entitled “Klan Fight!”, which is sadly 100 times funnier than anything I could have ever thought to say about the incident).

In one of Alcona parting remarks, he noted with chagrin that, “I get death threats from them [Klan Members] all the time. I don’t get death threats from black groups or Jewish groups. I get them from other Klan groups.” I don’t want to insult the way Alcona does things, but in terms of hate, if you’re getting more death threats from your friends than the races and religions you want to extricate from the country, you’re probably doing it wrong.


The Best Laid Plan:

The National Alliance, one of the most hard lined and powerful hate organization of the last 20 years, was founded by White Supremacist William Pierce. Pierce was the closest thing you could get to a superstar in the White Supremacist circles. His mainstream hits included: writing the famous White Supremacist Novel “The Turner Diaries” which inspired Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols to blow up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, and the famous White Supremacist essay, Separation or Annihilation, which inspired the April 12, 1996 shooting spree in Jackson Missouri.

Pierce was considered a brilliant public speaker and attracted an almost cult like status and following. As National Alliance entered the new millennium , Pierce had turned it into a professional, or at least as professional as a hate group can get, organization. The organization was profitable and used well-constructed recruiting and propaganda tactics. However, Pierce new that despite the professionalism, of his organization , it was still largely a cult of personality centered around his image, that might fade a way to nothing without his presence.

As such, he began searching for an inner circle that he could groom to replace him. This included a close friend of his, Eric Glieb, a former White Supremacist boxer who used to fight under the name, “The Aryan Barbarian.” Pierce knew that Glieb was a little rough around the edges, but with time he knew he could turn Glieb into a leader that would preserve his organization and his legacy. After all, he was only 68, in good health, and still had many years in which to…

And then thing went horribly awry:

…annnnnnnd he died of sudden Kidney failure in 2002 (sad trombone noise).  In lieu of flowers, mourners are asked to eat a four pack of light bulbs. After Pierce’s death, the inner circle met to determine who would take over his leadership position. Glieb immediately volunteered. It’s actually reported that Glieb volunteered by, raising his hand in the air and saying, “Me, me, me, me!” This, was not a good start.

It turns out that racist boxers don’t make the best figureheads for massive influential White Supremacist organizations. In an organization where everyone was an asshole, it could be said that Glieb ended up being the most Donald Trumpiest of them all. Need examples, you say? Well of course.

It was a yearly tradition that the National Alliance would produce and sell a calendar celebrate the purity, dignity and beauty of Aryan women. Glieb looked at the calendar and decided to make a few unilateral adjustments. First, the “purity, beauty and dignity” aspect would be altered to a “More Boobs” aspect. How did he find said Boobs? National casting call for racists nude models? Nope. Glieb was more efficient than that. He already frequented a local “gentleman’s club” on a regular basis, so he just asked the performers if they wanted to pose for a White Supremacist calendar. Strangely enough, at least 12 of the women managed to fall for the oldest White Supremacist pick up line in the book.

When the complaints started pouring in over the calendar, Glieb did his best to quell his incited followers, since the calendar was a huge money making instrument for the organization. He quietly and calmly informed the offended that “they were either jealous and ugly women or men in bad marriages.”

With that problem solved, Glieb set out to find another way to create controversy and alienate his base. As he was pondering whether the groups no African Americans and Jews membership policy could be dropped for 20 year old women only, he received a call from Erika, a local women who wanted to complain that her account had been banned from the Alliance’s Resistance Records online forum. Glieb took the call and he and Erika hit it off right away (because apparently Pierce’ plan for a professional organization didn’t include the need for an IT department).  The two went on a date and Glieb learned that Erika was a former Playboy model and current adult dancer. Later on in thee date, they reportedly decided to break into a cemetery near where Erika used to live and spend the night dancing around by themselves. Jesus, I can’t tell if this whole exchange is an IT workers Dear Penthouse experience or whether it’s just plain ol’horrifying.

Of course, the two were married shortly thereafter.

It should go without saying that after “white stripper calendar gate” Glieb’s decision to marry a former playboy model turned adult dancer who 1) worked at a Jewish owned club, and 2) repeatedly held parties for the local NBA team, was not a step in the right direction. The couple received constant ridicule from current and former National Alliance members. Glieb, would later summarize his opinion to these attacks by stating,

“I never understood the furor (Note: Is this a pun? If so, credit where credit is due. Well done!). In the real world, I’d be a hero for marrying a Playboy model.”

Erika, who later divorced Glieb, said of the whole ordeal,

“I still don’t understand how stripping is worse than marrying and having kids with a non-White, but this is an example of the insanity of the White Power movement and why it never got anywhere.”

Here’s a helpful tip, if someone ever asks you which is worse, “stripping” or “white’s marrying a non-white”, don’t try to puzzle it out, JUST GET AWAY!

I could go on and on about the weird shit that Glieb did as leader, but I have neither the time nor the hard drive space to list it all out. While his poor leadership started to tear down the organization that Pierce had built, what really sank the final nail into the coffin of the group was his ability to piss everyone off. There was not a group, internal or external, that he couldn’t alienate. The result of this was the ending of a long standing internal policy within the National Alliance. Specifically, that nobody talked about anything having to do with the inner circle, rumor or otherwise, with anyone else. But, as soon as Glieb started running his mouths off, the flood gates opened wide.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. There’s going to be sex stuff, isn’t there? Right? Well friends, there was sex stuff. There was so much god damn sex stuff it will blow your mind to read it all. However, the important part of the sex stuff was that it went back  to when Pierce was still the leader, thereby tarnishing his formerly impeccable reputation (as far as White Supremacists are concerned).

Highlights? You bet ya! Here are some quotes of the allegations from the Southern Poverty Law Center:

  • Gliebe claimed Pierce used to walk naked around the NA property and after his death, Gliebe said he discovered Pierce’s computers were “loaded with porn (an industry he routinely blamed Jews for creating).
  • Pierce used his membership list as a dating service, trolling for twenty-something females foolish enough to apply for a “staff position” at the NA headquarters in rural West Virginia.
  • It was reported that a former wife of Pierce had stated “I had been involved with Bill [William Pierce] for almost a year before I started worrying about why I wasn’t getting pregnant, whereupon he revealed that he had had a vasectomy over 30 years ago, right after his twin sons were born.” She threatened to release pornographic videos of her and pierce if the property she left at the National Alliance compound was not returned to her

[Note: Again with White Supremacists not returning borrowed property. Rude is rude guys. Can’t blame Jews and African Americans on this one.]

The result of all of this? Membership dwindled, the professionalism and financial stability of the organization fell apart and the once most powerful organization on the White Supremacist scene in the United states could no longer be taken seriously by its supporters or its detractors. Glieb’s leadership of the organization had managed to simultaneously destroy its past, presence and future.

You almost want to say to the guy, “good work, I guess.” Don’t though, he’s still a racist ass hat.



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